EMI Political Committee on More Democracy, Citizens’ Rights and Freedom

Co-Chairs: Bernd Hüttemann and Frédéric Vallier

Board members

Katja Tuokko, EMI Board member
Claudia Muttin, EMI Board member
Aleksandra Kluczka, EMI Board member

Member organisations and respective contact points

European Movement France, Jessica Chamba
European Movement Serbia, Tara Tepavac
European Movement Belgium, Peter Oomsels
European Movement Germany, Eike Paulun
European Movement Portugal, Leonor Arnao Metello
European Movement Denmark, Finn Hartvig Nielsen
European Movement Norway, Kirsti Methi
European Movement Switzerland, Lukas Wegmüller
European Movement United Kingdom, Veronica Stiastny
Democracy International, Cora Pfafferott
Council of European Municipalities and Regions, Carlos Mascarell Vilar
Association of Local Democracy Agencies, Aldo Xhani
The European Association for the Education of Adults, Raffaela Kihrer
Young European Federalists

Recent policy positions

You can find all policy positions here and all previous resolutions here.

Priority policy areas

Bridging the gap between citizens and representative associations, and the EU

  • Improving democratic governance and legitimacy in the EU (namely through “Europe+”)
  • Fostering citizenship and citizens’ participation at the EU level
  • Promoting civil society organisations and civil dialogue at all levels (Article 11)
  • Promoting debate and the consolidation of a European public sphere
  • Enhancing partnership in the EU decision-making process within all levels of government
  • Promoting transparency of decision-making procedures and lobbying activities at all levels

Promoting European values and European unity

  • Defending the “four freedoms” and promoting fundamental rights
  • Promoting pluralism, and freedom of media and expression
  • Promoting a Common European Immigration and Asylum Policy
  • Fighting against all forms of discrimination, nationalism and euroscepticism