EMI Priority Policy Areas 2015 – 2017

Europe must consolidate itself as a democratic and inclusive homeland for all its citizens and residents, respecting their values, their rights and their freedoms. The European Movement network of member organisations works in favour of deeper integration within the European Union, and of greater unity and better European-wide cooperation, for the good of the entire continent and that of the rest of the World.

The below set of strategic priorities were agreed by EMI Members at the 2014 EMI Federal Assembly. The political priorities for 2015-2017 are split to reflect the work of the 3 EMI political committees.


More Democracy, Citizens’ Rights and Freedom

Bridging the gap between citizens and representative associations, and the EU

Improving democratic governance and legitimacy in the EU (namely through “Europe+”)

Fostering citizenship and citizens’ participation at the EU level

Promoting civil society Organisations and civil dialogue at all levels (Article 11)

Promoting debate and the consolidation of a European public sphere

Enhancing partnership in the EU decision-making process within all levels of government

Promoting transparency of decision-making procedures and lobbying activities at all levels


Promoting European values and European unity

Defending the “four freedoms” and promoting fundamental rights

Promoting pluralism, and freedom of media and expression

Promoting a Common European Immigration and Asylum Policy

Fighting against all forms of discrimination, nationalism and euroscepticism


Jobs, Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth

Investing more in better education and jobs, especially for the youth

Defending and promoting the European Social Model

Promoting formal and non-formal, cross-border education schemes

Monitoring the deepening and strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union, and promoting the development of the EU’s own resources

Promoting completion of the Single Market and full implementation of the Digital Agenda

Fostering European industrial competitiveness and improving the business environment


Protecting the Environment and the Climate

Contributing to the development of a coherent EU energy policy based on savings, efficiency and renewable sources, in co-operation with Eastern and Southern neighbours

Contributing to the success of COP21 in delivering a binding global agreement

Fostering the sustainability of agriculture and fisheries, and promoting food safety


Europe in the World

Building an ever more united, albeit diverse, Europe

Supporting Enlargement and the involvement of civil society and all spheres of governments in the negotiations with candidate and potential candidate countries

Strengthening democratic, pluralistic societies in Eastern Europe

Discussing possibleEU membership for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Strengthening the Eastern Partnership and the EU’s engagement with Russia

Enhancing an effective Common Foreign and Security Policy, and the creation of European armed forces


Contributing to a better World

Promoting human rights and poverty eradication all over the world

Promoting Europe’s role in conflict prevention and resolution, peace-building and peace-Keeping

Supporting the Sustainable Developments Goals and the Post-2015 Agenda

Fostering open and transparent negotiations on international fair trade agreements

Promoting a common European position on the post-2015 development agenda