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The European Movement is active in 39 European countries, a presence that encompasses not just EU member states but also covers countries of the Eastern Neighbourhood, promoting European values and the concept of an enlarged EU. The European Movement believes that for a successful European Neighbourhood Policy, the following elements are crucial:

A two-fold approach is needed. On one hand a flexible and dynamic policy to respond to different domestic context in each country and address short-term challenges in a timely manner. On the other, a determined and self-confident long-term approach that does not get lost in short-term reactive policies.

Individual approaches to all European Neighbourhood countries, in order to respond to their different aspirations and socio-economic realities and structural policy differences. The partnership model envisioned for each country should be outlined, offering the countries of the Eastern Neighbourhood a clear membership perspective.

A more political approach, including a stronger security dimension, under the authority of the EU High Representative and with full backing of the Member States, who must act in support of and in line with commonly defined policies.

Cooperation with and support for citizens and civil society organisations as an integral part of the ENP in order to create broad support for change, combined with a tangible and positive structure that allows citizens to observe the benefits of the ENP in their daily life.

A new approach towards Russia. This should include a clear position on the compatibility of the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Economic Area, considering the importance of the Russian market for Eastern Partnership countries. The Russian perception of the ENP as a hostile instrument should be countered by emphasising its role as a tool for building a joint peaceful future.

Today, 18 November 2015, Commissioner Johannes Hahn is presenting the reviewed European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The European Commission undertook a comprehensive review of the ENP this year, which aims to develop closer relations between the EU and its Southern and Eastern neighbours. The aims of the Commission are to integrate a more effective ENP into a stronger EU foreign policy, and to better meet the aspirations of both the EU and its different partners.

The full policy positions, adopted by European Movement members, can be found at and

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