EMI Political Committee on Europe in the World


Committee Members

Brando Benifei, Co-Chair

Nataša Owens, Co-Chair


Priority Policy Areas

Building a strong and united Europe on the global stage

  • Enhancing an effective Common Foreign and Security Policy, in particular in the areas of energy security, cybersecurity and counter-terrorism
  • Advancing defence cooperation with better institutional embedding as steps towards a fully-fledged European Defence Union
  • Putting in place effective joint management of Europe’s outer borders including legal migration channels for those seeking international protection
  • Ensuring orderly and transparent Brexit negotiations that respect the rights of EU and UK citizens and build a strong post-Brexit partnership framework
  • Supporting enlargement and the involvement of civil society and all spheres of governments in the negotiations with candidate and potential candidate countries
  • Strengthening the Eastern Partnership
  • Strengthening commitment on partnerships with the Southern Neighbourhood, building a relationship based on joint priorities, fundamental values and long-term interests

Contributing to a better world

  • Strengthening Europe’s role in conflict prevention and resolution, peace-building and peace-keeping
  • Promoting human rights, the rule of law and democracy all over the world
  • Supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Developments Goals globally
  • Advocating for a robust post-Cotonou partnership and development framework
  • Fostering open and transparent negotiations on international trade agreements


Recent Policy Positions

You can find all policy positions here and all previous resolutions here.


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