EMI Political Committee on Europe in the World



Brando Benifei (S&D Group)

Nataša Owens (European Movement Croatia)


Committee Members

Miguel Angel Benedicto (European Movement Spain)

Reinhard Bütikofer (European Greens)

Frank Burgdörfer (European Movement Germany)

Olivier Hinnekens (European Movement Belgium)

Velko Ivanov (European Movement Bulgaria)

Emmanuel Jacob (EUROMIL)

Spyros Papadatos (AEGEE)

Aleksis Pekkalin (European Movement Finland)

Aura Salla (Board Member)

Mihai Sebe (European Democratic Party)

Veronica Stiastny (European Movement UK)

Guel Guenver Turan (European Movement Turkey)


Priority Policy Areas

Building a strong and united Europe on the global stage

  • Enhancing an effective Common Foreign and Security Policy, in particular in the areas of energy security, cybersecurity and counter-terrorism
  • Advancing defence cooperation with better institutional embedding as steps towards a fully-fledged European Defence Union
  • Putting in place effective joint management of Europe’s outer borders including legal migration channels for those seeking international protection
  • Ensuring orderly and transparent Brexit negotiations that respect the rights of EU and UK citizens and build a strong post-Brexit partnership framework
  • Supporting enlargement and the involvement of civil society and all spheres of governments in the negotiations with candidate and potential candidate countries
  • Strengthening the Eastern Partnership
  • Strengthening commitment on partnerships with the Southern Neighbourhood, building a relationship based on joint priorities, fundamental values and long-term interests

Contributing to a better world

  • Strengthening Europe’s role in conflict prevention and resolution, peace-building and peace-keeping
  • Promoting human rights, the rule of law and democracy all over the world
  • Supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Developments Goals globally
  • Advocating for a robust post-Cotonou partnership and development framework
  • Fostering open and transparent negotiations on international trade agreements


Recent Policy Positions

You can find all policy positions here and all previous resolutions here.


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