EMI Political Committee on a Social, Sustainable, Competitive and Prosperous Europe


Committee Members

Federica Sabbati, Co-Chair


Priority Policy Areas

Investing in Better Education and Jobs

  • Advocating the completion of the Single Market and addressing the risk of fragmentation due to protectionism
  • Empowering youth through more investment in quality education, internships and job opportunities
  • Promoting sustainable growth and tackling long term unemployment
  • Fostering European competitiveness and innovation by investing in skills and lifelong learning
  • Advocating for a stronger European social dimension through the implementation of the Pillar of Social Rights
  • Promoting the development of the EU’s own resources and deepening the Economic and Monetary Union
  • Ensuring the EU supports citizens through better digital skills education to adapt to changes in the economy and job market such as digitalisation

Protecting the Environment and the Climate

  • Advocating for the full implementation of the Paris Agreement by involving stakeholders at all levels
  • Consolidating the EU’s energy policy towards a low-carbon economy based on efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • Continuing the development of the circular economy
  • Supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Developments Goals within Europe with and for citizens


Recent Policy Positions

You can find all policy positions here and all previous resolutions here


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