EMI Political Committee on Democracy, Citizen Participation and Fundamental Values


Committee Members

Yves Bertoncini, Co-Chair

Bernd Hütteman, Co-Chair

Anna Widegren, Co-Chair


Priority Policy Areas

Bridging the gap between citizens and representative associations, and the EU

  • Reforming the EU to improve its democratic governance and legitimacy in the context of the future of Europe debate
  • Fostering citizens’ participation with EU decision-making at the local, regional, national and EU level and bringing forward the consolidation of a European public sphere
  • Fostering education on active citizenship, democratic culture and the EU in school
  • Promoting civil society organisations and civil dialogue at all levels in line with Article 11 and supporting a vivid civil society by promoting cross-border exchange and partnerships
  • Promoting transparency of decision-making procedures and lobbying activities at all levels

Promoting values and European unity

  • Promoting a long term sustainable approach to migration including the setting of standards for integration
  • Protecting our borderless Union by ensuring the freedom of movement and the Schengen agreement
  • Defending the EUs fundamental values including the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights across the European continent
  • Strengthening pluralistic societies in which the fundamental rights and Four Freedoms are protected against all forms of discrimination as well as nationalist and populist movements


Recent Policy Positions

You can find all policy positions here and all previous resolutions here.


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