European Democracy Group

The European Democracy Group is joint initiative aimed to explore ways to improve democratic participation in the European Union, organised by the European Movement International and Carnegie Europe, kindly supported by Warwick University. Starting in 2017, this project features a series of regular small-scale discussions between analysts, civil society representatives, and policy-makers in Brussels on different questions related to enhancing citizen participation in European integration.

The dinners take place in Brussels every three to four months, engaging a core group of around 20 to 25 experts and officials. Each time, after kick-off remarks from guest speakers, the group debates a different issue related to the notion of European democracy and discusses ideas for a more participative process of EU reform and more effective EU communication, with a view to improving the quality and future of democracy in the European Union. The discussions are held under Chatham House Rule.

If you are interested in joining the meetings of the European Democracy Group, please contact Vanessa Cotterell.

Past meetings:

17 October 2018: The EU’s Direct Democracy Dilemma

7 June 2018: Free Speech Under Attack – The Democracy Index 2017

1 March 2018: Improving European Democracy, from an EU Perspective

12 December 2017: Citizen Participation