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The European Movement International, Forum Europe and METRO AG held the 15th edition of BWS entitled Democracy & Rule of Law | What is the role of the EU, & European Business & Civil Society? on Friday, 13 November (11:00-12:30 CET).

This event was the opportunity to discuss the European Commission’s Rule of Law report and the role stakeholders from across society can play in defence of democracy and European values.

Earlier in the autumn, the European Commission published the first EU-wide report on the rule of law, which covers both positive and negative developments across the EU. It shows that many Member States have high rule of law standards, but important challenges to the rule of law exist in the EU. It also reflects relevant developments stemming from the emergency measures taken by Member States due to the coronavirus crisis.

The event brought together EU officials, experts, civil society and business representatives to discuss the European Commission report and how to strengthen the rule of law across the EU.

Panel discussion speakers:

Renate Nikolay | Head of Cabinet of Vice-President Vera Jourova, Values and Transparency, European Commission
Carl Dolan | Deputy Director & Head of Advocacy, Open Society European Policy Institute
Claire Fourçans | Director of Policy and Campaigns, European Women’s Lobby
Mark Alexander Friedrich | Head of International Affairs, METRO AG

Moderated by BBC journalist and presenter Joe Lynam

Find out more about Wednesday Socials here and continue discussions on Twitter with the hashtag #WSBRU (@EMInternational@ForumEurope@METRO_Politics).

The event is part of a series of discussions entitled ‘Prospects for Europe’, launched in March 2017 by the partners of the Wednesday Social, with the aim to foster debate on an innovative and sustainable vision for the EU, involving stakeholders from civil society, political institutions, and the business community.

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