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  • 25th June 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium
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Fondation Euractiv: Media Policy: Europe’s Media Lab

Europe’s Media Lab is a series of events designed to enrich the conversation on the sector’s needs at EU level among media professionals and policy makers. It is a one-in-5-year opportunity to have a healthy media sector as an “EU priority”.

Europe has a key role to play in ensuring the right ecosystem for a healthy media sector, notably: evening out the playing field with social platforms, safeguarding the right to expression, allowing favourable taxation for the media, as well as other direct and indirect measures. Europe’s media sector is facing unprecedented challenges today. For this reason, the credibility and viability of quality journalism, and the sustainability of the media sector as a whole are at stake.

> Policy forum – 25/06/2019

On June 25th, the policy conference ”Europe’s Media Lab – #Media4Democracy: ‘VP Democracy’ for Sound Platforms & Independent Media” will involve 10 speakers representing the EU institutions, the media sector, as well as associations and think-tanks (read the draft programme):

  • 100 participants: policy makers (including new MEPs, key officials and Commissioners’ cabinets) and media stakeholders
  • Editorial video coverage (example: “Can the EU do more for a healthy media sector?”)
  • Communication campaign with supporters’ logos

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