All Events

  • EEB: Annual Conference
  • ALDE: Women in power – the new role of women in politics: a talk with Margrethe Vestager
  • College of Europe: Past and Present – a debate evening on the First World War
  • Brussels Wednesday Social
  • EWLA: 16th Congress in Luxembourg
  • College of Europe: Guest lecture by Klaus Regling: “Deepening EMU, Ambition and Realism”
  • College of Europe: 95th GCLC Lunch Talk – “The revival of excessive pricing in Europe: State of the law and policy implications”
  • ALDE: Europe and challenges of migration flows
  • LLLWeek – Speak Up! On Our Watch: a tool for co-creation and exchange
  • Hedging their Bets: The impact of Brexit on the Financial Services industry
  • Annual meeting of the EMI Federal Assembly
  • Annual meeting of the EMI Federal Assembly
  • ESN: Live Chat: Erasmus+ and Youth Mobility
  • Women of Europe Awards 2017
  • CED: Integrated Care – Don’t Forget About the Mouth
  • Panel debate: Perspectives on diversity
  • EMI Members’ Events
  • EMI Events
  • EMI Statutory Meetings