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  • 11th April 2018
  • Brussels, Belgium
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Brussels Wednesday Social: Prospects for Europe

On 11 April 2018, METRO AG, the European Movement International and EuroCommerce held another Brussels Wednesday Social, this time featuring Jo Leinen MEP, EP Rapporteur on European Electoral Reform.

Europe is in the midst of an intense debate about the EU’s future direction but citizens are feeling left behind. Low turnout in elections only intensifies the sense of disconnect. With an eye towards the European elections in 2019 the question we want to raise is how can our European democracy become more inclusive, participatory and truly European and how can the EU improve its institutional links to the “demos” – the citizen of Europe.

The event was part of a series of discussions launched in March 2017 by the partners of the Wednesday Social, with the aim to foster debate on an innovative and sustainable vision for the EU, while involving stakeholders from civil society, political institutions and the business community.

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    Alana March 29th,2018 18:32:04 Comment #284

    Hi, could you register me please for the above event. I am a journalist representing World Human Dimension UN

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