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  • 8th October 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium
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ELEC: Economic and Social Commission: “China and Europe: Partners or Competitors”

The next meeting of their Economic and Social Commission (ESC) will take place on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 from 10am to 5pm at Fondation Universitaire, 11, rue d’Egmont, Brussels.

The theme of the meeting will be: “China and Europe, partners or competitors?”

The topics suggested for discussion are as follows:

  • Assessment and extent of the change in commercial and financial relations between Europe and China in the medium term.
  • What might Europe’s standpoint be with regard to the major bilateral trade dispute between China and the USA, triggered by President Donald Trump?
  • Has China’s admission to the WTO produced the expected results? Which rules has it not complied with (counterfeiting, dumping, improper financial support to public companies, difficulty accessing public contracts, offset requirements)?
  • The issue of foreign investments – Chinese in Europe, European in China – should it be subject to specific measures? How can reciprocity and equal treatment be ensured?
  • Difficulties due to the lack of “Rule of law” in the economic sphere.
  • Problems caused by the possible use of new technologies for espionage purposes. Is it desirable, or rather, dangerous, to limit Chinese companies’ access to these technologies and, conversely, use of Chinese technologies by European countries?
  • Strategic opportunities opened up by the “silk road” in its various forms (“One belt, one road” – OBOR -; maritime silk road); opportunities and dangers for EU member states and neighbouring regions (Africa, Middle East).

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