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  • 19th November 2019
  • 10:00-12:00
  • Europe House Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
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EM Croatia: How we can strengthen teachers in our schools workshop

European House Zagreb / ​​European Movement Croatia and the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb invite you to a workshop entitled “How can we empower teachers in our schools? An approach to the development of socio-emotional competence in a school setting”.

The Erasmus + Hand in Hand project: Social and emotional skills for tolerant and non-discriminatory societies is implemented in partnership with five European countries and aims to develop, apply and evaluate programs for developing socio-emotional competences for teachers, professional assistants and principals.

Socio-emotional competences are a set of skills that enable a person to recognize and manage their emotions, to appreciate the perspective of others, to achieve good interpersonal relationships, to make responsible decisions and to cope effectively with challenging situations. Research shows that children who have acquired socio-emotional competencies have better educational achievement, better mental health and relationships with peers, and are more inclined to help others. Adopting a whole-school approach, this project recognizes that for the development of students’ socio-emotional competencies, a supportive school environment is crucial in which all those who work, learn and teach at school feel well, connected and accepted. A prerequisite for such an atmosphere is the good socio-emotional competences of teachers and professional assistants,
The workshop will be attended by:

dr. sc. Iris Marusic
dr. sc. Ivana Jugović
Participants of the workshop Iris Marusic and Ivana Jugovic will briefly present programs for empowering socio-emotional competences in a school context. The main part of the workshop will be dedicated to experiential learning, where participants will have the opportunity to participate in practical activities aimed at developing self-awareness, empathy and relationships with others, which form the backbone of the program for teachers and professional associates. Based on their own experiences from the workshops they led and the reactions of the teachers who participated in them, they will describe the possibility of implementing such activities in our schools.
We expect you to Tuesday, 19 November 2019, from 10 to 12.00 hours in the Europe House Zagreb, Jurišićeva 1 / I .

The lecture is intended for teaching staff working in kindergartens, schools and other institutions dealing with the education of children and young people . The workshop is planned for 25 participants and only the first 25 participants will be able to participate. Please apply online via email

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