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  • 23rd October 2019 - 27th October 2019
  • Faroe Islands, Denmark
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EM Denmark: Study trip to the Faroe Islands

EM Denmark arrange a study trip to the Faroe Islands for members of the European Movement. Sign up now, as there are limited spaces.

On the trip we visit BankNordik , the Faroese parliament Lagtinget , and a full day excursion to Eysturoy , where we visit the Faroe Islands largest company Bakkafrost , which is also one of the world’s largest salmon producers.

The President of the European Movement, Stine Bosse, is chairman of the board of the Faroese BankNordik. In this connection, she has invited the members of the European Movement to visit the bank. In addition, there will be a tour of Thorshavn and dinner with Stine in the evening.

In the Faroe Islands nature is always close. The high mountains, peat bogs and dramatic cliffs are beautifully surrounded by the rushing Atlantic Ocean. The air is particularly fresh and the beautiful landscape simply enchanting.

The Faroe Islands consist of a group of 18 islands of volcanic origin in the northern Atlantic, between Great Britain, Iceland and Norway. The population is approx. 51,000, of which just under half live in Tórshavn municipality. Besides Faroese, Danish is also the official language, but it is not used by the ferries as a daily speaking language. The Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, but are outside the EU and therefore have a great strategic importance in international politics. In other words, there are many topics that are exciting to relate to in this particular corner of the kingdom.

Please find all information regarding the trip here.

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