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  • 4th June 2019
  • The Hague, Netherlands
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EM Netherlands: Debate on ‘a new social contract for Europe’

A week after the European Elections, the European Movement Netherlands is therefore organizing a current affairs meet-up in which we explore the possibilities of the necessary European reform, a new balance and a ‘New Social Contract in Europe’.

The meeting starts with short introductions. They discuss what has been built up in recent years, about Europe’s strategic choices, about the possibilities and values ​​that need to be monitored. With ‘Europe’s strategic choices’ by Andreas Zenthöfer (Head of Politics at the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands); ‘Rule of Law and European achievements and challenges regarding the rule of law’ by Dr. Arnout Brussaard (Senior policy advisor, Ministry of Justice and Security); and “The citizen in Europe can do so much more” by Dr. Christina Eckes (Professor of European Law, University of Amsterdam / Director of the Amsterdam Center for European Law and Governance (ACELG)). This is followed by a discussion with the panel members and all those present, including members of friendly civilian networks.

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