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European Movement Breakfast Club: The UK referendum

With just days left before the UK referendum on its EU membership, the European Movement International hosted a private briefing with Peter Foster, the Daily Telegraph’s Europe Editor, and Gergely Polner, Head of EU Public Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank, to analyse the latest developments in the referendum campaign and discuss the likely outcome of the vote on 23 June.

Peter Foster brought his insights as a leading media commentator and Westminster insider, sketching visions for all possible scenarios the referendum could bring, including clear or narrow “leave”, as well as both options for “remain”.

Gergely Polner provided the behind-the-scenes view from the financial markets, whose reaction ahead of the referendum is watched carefully by politicians and observers alike. He analysed the polls and gave some predictions of the referendum outcome, briefly described the possible situation on the day and examined the prospective market impact.

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