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  • 12th July 2018 - 13th July 2018
  • Yvelines
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European Movement France: Citizen’s Consultation

The European Movement France, in association with the Jean Monnet Association are hosting two transnational citizen’s consultations on the 12 and 13 July 2018. The consultations seek to encourage debate on active European citizenship.

The theme of the first consultation, taking place on July 12, is “Facing Global Challenges: a National Right or a European Duty?”.

The second consultation, on July 13, will tackle 4 themes: Agriculture, Work and the Social Pillar, Security and Defence, and EU Enlargement.

Participants will be invited to discuss the wide-ranging issues within the themes, and to formulate proposals. These proposals will then be debated, modified, voted on, and adopted for a report to be shared with the government and European authorities.

For more information on the event, including registration details, click here.

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