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  • 18th June 2018
  • Zürich, Switzerland.
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“Everything stays different” – digital marketing for media companies

The world is turning faster and faster – product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, and competition is becoming ever stronger, more global and more digital. But probably the most significant development is the progressive personalization of society, in which consumption, marketing and media use revolve around the individual needs of the individual consumer.

Nowadays, as a brand, it is no longer enough to just talk about one’s own offer – that is, what and how to do something – it also requires a strong attitude. The question of meaning, the “why?”, must be answered. Especially in a fragmented, global world, each one of us is looking for orientation and like-minded people. The answers a media house has to give and what that means for the promotion and marketing of their own content, is the subject of this event by Eyes & Ears of Europe in collaboration with the SRF – Swiss Radio and Television and the SevenOne AdFactory.

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