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Investing in The Future of Europe

The European Movement International and the European Investment Bank (EIB), in partnership with the European Movement Denmark organised an event ‘Investing in the Future of Europe’ which was held in Copenhagen on June 21st as an after-work event.  Speakers gave their perspective on how to invest in the future of Europe and how organisations, unions and civil society can be more engaged in the debate about the EU.

This was a part of series of events which started in 2017, taking place in various locations in the EU and neighbourhood countries. These events are designed as an opportunity to discuss the benefits of EU membership and to engage broader civil society to a debate about the transformative power and direct benefits of the EU. This event was held as an afternoon panel, which brought together different stakeholders to discuss their respective vision for how to invest in the future of Europe.


Investing in the Future of Europe - Copenhagen


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    I want to get more information about the event and The European Movement International

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