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  • 12th April 2018 - 15th April 2018
  • Jodoigne, Belgium
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Meet the 2018 European Women’s Academy participants


Participants of the 2018 European Women’s Academy

The European Women’s Academy is our annual state-of-the-art training programme, in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the European Liberal Forum, for female politicians aimed at inspiring and enriching them with the knowledge and tools to be successful in their upcoming elections and in their future political careers. After a successful graduation of the classes of the 2016 and 2017 editions, it is time for a new group of women to undertake the training for the 2018 class.

This week, from 12 to 15 April, a new round of liberal female politicians will meet in Jodoigne, Belgium, for the first session of the 2018 European Women’s Academy.

The group consists of 30 participants from across Europe with elections on various levels in the near future. The focus of this first session will be on developing their campaign strategy and plan and ALDE Party Vice President Angelika Mlinar MEP and 2017 EWA alumnae Assita Kanko will be guest speakers.

The female politicians selected for the 2018 European Women’s Academy are:

  • Airis Meier, Reform Party, Estonia
  • Ana Teresa Duarte Alves da Mata, Iniciativa Liberal, Portugal
  • Andreja Potočnik, SMC, Slovenia
  • Angelika Hiesserich-Peter, FDP, Germany
  • Annina Ruottu, Keskusta, Finland
  • Antonella Soldo, Radicali Italiani, Italy
  • Bettina Emmerling, NEOS, Austria
  • Camilla Wikman, SFP, Finland
  • Elin Blomqvist-Valtonen, SFP, Finland
  • Ellen Österberg, Centerpartiet, Sweden
  • Emily van de Vijver, D66, The Netherlands
  • Emma Murphy, Fianna Fail, Ireland
  • Inge Maria van Dijk, VVD, The Netherlands
  • Jindra Mikulastikova, ANO, Czech Republic
  • Joanna Burnos, Nowoczesna, Poland
  • Julie Szmaj, MR, Belgium
  • Karen Melchior, Radikale Venstre, Denmark
  • Karola Svensson, Centerpartiet, Sweden
  • Katarzyna Kierzek Koperska, Nowoczesna, Poland
  • Laura Cornette, Open Vld, Belgium
  • Liesje Schreinemacher, VVD, The Netherlands
  • Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrats, UK
  • Marie Bjerre, Venstre, Denmark
  • Maris Toomel, Reform Party, Estonia
  • Mulle Jensen, Radikale Venstre, Denmark
  • Susana Solís Pérez, Ciudadanos, Spain
  • Svenja Hahn, FDP, Germany
  • Trine Noodt, Venstre, Norway
  • Vaida Zvikiene, Liberal Movement, Lithuania
  • Violaine Herbaux, MR, Belgium

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