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  • 24th June 2019
  • Berlin
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Save The Date: EM Germany General Assembly & 70-year Anniversary, 24th of June 2019

This year, EM Germany’s general assembly will take place on Monday, the 24th of June. Please save the date for the time 8:30 am to 14:30. As per usual, the day begins with a de-briefing of the European Council. Around 10, the general assembly will officially start.

One month after the European elections and in the aftermath of Brexit, the European Union has to pave a new way towards the future. How will the European Parliament organize majorities for vital decisions such as the budget? How will the top positions inside the institutions look like? What new challenges await in terms of defence and security on a European level? And how will Europe push its core principles like diversity, democracy and participation? An essential question from a German perspective: what will the German Council presidency, starting in July 2020, mean for German European politics?

With all these questions in mind, the general assembly will discuss the new political agenda of EM Germany and its focus of work for the years 2019/2020. More information about the consultation process can be found here: (IN GERMAN).

In another important event during the evening of the 24th of June, EM Germany is celebrating its 70-year anniversary. 70 years of European networking will serve as in impulse to take a look into the future. What is the vision for the next 30 years? How will Europe look like when EM Germany celebrates its 100 years of existence. Together with our members we are looking out to the future generations of Europe. This outlook will serve as a framework for the coordination of the Political Demands 2019/2020. They will be passed during the general assembly. During the evening event, a high-level representative of the German government will receive the consequent paper for EM Germany’s vision of a European future.

Please save the date 24th of June 2019 for your visit in Berlin.

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