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Security or Rights – Does it have to be an either-or question?

On 13 January the European Movement International, in cooperation with the European Citizen Action Service, kicked off the New Year’s events season with our first 2016 debate:

Security or Rights – Does it have to be an either-or question?

Against the background of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, the security-rights dilemma is now more heated than ever. The European project, long praised for its four fundamental freedoms, is evolving towards an increasingly protective system where borders, fences and security checks are being reintroduced across the EU on security grounds.

In our debate, the panelists addressed these issues and discussed the extent to which rights and freedoms should be sacrificed for the sake of security, and whether a Europe with fewer rights and freedoms could put the whole European project at risk.

The event was introduced with the screening of a short video ‘Voices of the Street’.

The discussion, moderated by  Niklaus Nuspliger, Brussels Correspondent for Swiss Journal NZZ, featured the following experts:

  • Timothy Kirkhope MEP, European Parliament Rapporteur for PNR;
  • Camino Mortera, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform;
  • Jarosław Lotarski, Policy Officer, DG Migration and Home Affairs;
  • Joe McNamee, Executive Director, EDRI.


Missed our conference?

A video compilation with the key statements and outcome of the discussion is available here.
You can also take a look at a short report.

Want to learn more? Read the joint ECAS – EMI statement on the Passenger Name Record.

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