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  • Last Updated: 24th October 2018
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European Movement Azerbaijan


We assemble closely around the European Movement, which is founded with a starting of the integration process in Europe and believe that our motherland Azerbaijan is also an inseparable part of Europe.

With a belief of Azerbaijanians have got European values, traditions, and culture, as a first founder of the Democratic Republic in the East, we established European Movement Azerbaijan to support our 20 years old young country on the way of efficient and successful integration to European political, economic, cultural area.

Being loyal to values declared by Europen Movement International (EMI), European Movement Azerbaijan (EMA) will try to represent decently our motherland in every organizations and negotiation.

Our mission:

–          To mediate society for the being acquainted with European values closely;

–          To have active and sincere friendship and cooperation with the youth of all member countries of European Movement International;

–          Supplying the whole Europe with the truth about our country objectively and honestly;

–          To propagate phenomena like freedom, free market, human rights, the supremacy of law, fair competition, democracy, a healthy environment in our country;

–          To introduce European education, science, literature, and art to youth, stimulate and direct them in those way.

–          To participate closely in processes of development of our education and culture and in reforms holding in our country.

Together with participating in the process of enrichment and expansion of cooperation of Azerbaijan with  European Union, Council of Europe, OSCE and other European Organizations we will also closely participate in all regional projects holding by those organizations.

  • President: Ramin Hajili
  • Secretary General: Aysel Gayibkhanova
95A Haydar Aliyev Ave., Apt., 9,
Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 50 375 76 13