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  • Last Updated: 3rd June 2019
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European Movement Switzerland

European Movement Switzerland (Nomes) is the only organization that is committed to obtaining the European vote for Swiss citizens.

The mission of Nomes is to initiate and actively improve internal and external preparation process leading to the accession of Switzerland to the EU as soon as possible and to the best economic, social and institutional conditions possible.

During its seventeen years of existence, Nomes has brought a considerable number of personalities from different spheres to openly and proudly declare their support for the accession of Switzerland to the European Union.

  • Co-President: Martin Naef
  • Co-President: François Cherix
  • Co-Secretary General: Caroline Iberg
  • Co-Secretary General: Lukas Wegmüller
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Case Postale 481
Scheibenstrasse 29
3000 Bern 22
Phone: + 41 31 302 35 36
Fax: + 41 31 302 56 82