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  • Last Updated: 25th October 2018
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European Movement Turkey

Turkey-European Union Association (Turabdin’in) started immediately after we applied for full membership of the European Union, in 1987, and was founded as a non-governmental organization. Its aim is to lead the efforts to reach the goal of integration with the EU mal and to create a public opinion about the European idea as stated in its charter. Our Association, which is based in Istanbul, continues its activities with the branch organization in Sakarya. The number of members registered in the headquarters and branches exceeded 1300.

  • President: H. Gul Turan
  • Vice President: Zeynep Alemdar
  • Secretary General: Ela Taskent
GSF Binası Kat 4
Okan Üniversitesi
Akfırat campus
Tuzla , Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 243 5001
Fax: +90 212 2510167