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  • Last Updated: 25th October 2018
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Fondation EurActiv

Fondation EurActiv is a public service foundation under Belgian law and acts primarily to bring together individuals and organisations seeking to shape European Union policies. It shares its mission ‘faciliter l’efficacité et la transparence de la Communauté des Acteurs Européens’ with, the online media arm. It does not lobby, except to promote online media independence, and is not aligned to any political faction or faith group.

EurActiv, the European Media Network is present in 12 EU capitals, publishes free EU news and facilitates EU policy debates for policy professionals in 12 languages. With 2+ million page views and 667,484 ‘unique visitors’ per month, EurActiv is the leading online media on EU affairs. We address 80% of our readers in their own language.

EurActiv targets EU policy and business stakeholders, journalists, NGOs and other multipliers across Europe. EurActiv provides a ‘one-stop shop’ where users can compare major stakeholder positions, original source documents, videos and informed opinion from guru bloggers.

  • Founder: Christophe Leclercq
Batiment IPC
1 bd. Charlemagne, b1
B-1041 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 226 58 10
Fax: +32 2 226 58 20