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  • 13th December 2018 - 12:56 GMT

ALDA: first results of the INCOME Project

The third international meeting of the project INCOME took place on 10-11 December in Italy. The event was an important occasion for all partners and local stakeholders to go through all what’s been learnt on co-working during the project journey, and think of future developments and potential cooperations.

During the event, the main findings were presented. Then, all participants worked together in workshops aimed at analyzing co-working pains and gains in the fields of art and technologies, and strategies to make co-working experience and final products better.
In spite of the non monolithic meaning of the concept of co-working, there is a wide agreement on the fact that it can be extremely used to tackle unemployment among youth and other social groups. ALDA is extremely glad to be part of this adventure, which is part of the Association’s efforts to empower young people in innovative ways.
Please find the full article here, and learn more about the INCOME Project here.



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