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  • 24th January 2018 - 16:24 GMT
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ALDA: Getting close to the European Parliament elections. Europe is a solution, not a problem!

We need to learn how to use good arguments aimed at proving the strength of the European project to European citizens, especially to the big majority that does not live “mobility” in their daily life.

This year, 2018 will be a huge site for all movements and citizens highlighting the great importance of the European project. Our arguments and our conviction, which are the result of daily work in all 4 corners of Europe, will have to be convincing and leave no doubt about the value of this approach. Europe is a solution, not a problem!

The European Union is a lot more than a weekend in Barcelona
We need to use arguments that resonate with all European citizens, especially those not being exposed to the most publicized effects of European citizenship, usually linked to mobility. European citizenship can be perceived only while crossing borders (not being forced to show a passport – less and less frequent, by the way), being able to use a common currency, and address any EU embassy in every country to obtain services and protection. But being a European citizen also means living in the Massif Central region or in Polish plains never getting the chance to travel, which is the case for the big majority of Europeans.

Peace, rights, development – EU has an impact on our everyday life
We need to know how to get to immobile people directly with pro-European arguments, those people who speak one, maybe two languages, and who could possibly move from one city to another without leaving their country at all. As a matter of fact, putting the accent on mobility diverted us from the great accomplishments of modern post-war Europe. The European project to be proposed, by working all together, is a prolonged peaceful area which made technological, economic, and social development possible. This project reaches the “unmovable”, that are not extra-terrestrial people but just normal – and in many cases successful and very valuable people in their community.

Europe has a direct impact on work legislation, on the food we eat, on consumption legislation, on equitable laws aimed to respect democracy and human rights for everyone. More than 50% of the legislation of European countries directly affecting our everyday lives comes from European legislation which was discussed together. Obviously the project is not perfect and the rules are not, either. But how do we build an alternative of such a success in countries where global competitiveness is truly felt, without decreasing citizens’ freedom and well-being? We are European citizens and we live a tremendous well-being (compared to what the concept of Non-Europe would have produced). It is also about the principle of freedom, freedom of breathing and of thinking we would actually like losing Europe, just to realize the terrible mistake when it is too late.

For this year 2018, let’s hit the road and let’s use convincing arguments as those discussed above in our cities and our municipalities, with our associations and our families. We have to convince with arguments giving clear answers to everyone: to those who speak only French and who never cross the border. The European project is, above all, for them. We haven’t achieved a European identity as we did with peace.  It’s an everyday common choice and work.

Showing the real European project to everyone, far from Brussels
ALDA organizes in 2018 awareness-raising campaigns and actions with local communities in order to show that the European project, even if not perfect, is able to give more solutions than problems to all of us. We will be working in cities to give a solution to social, youth employment, migration, research, educational, and work issues. We will go to our cities and member associations and we will join dozens of thousands of people, youngsters and older people, in every EU language (or almost). These activities are supported by our members, our volunteers, and by the precious help from the “Europe for Citizens” programme. Europe often turns out to be stronger outside big institutional contexts, or EU Commission’s corridors, or Place du Luxembourg in Brussels.

Let’s get this started!

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