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  • 21st November 2018 - 14:44 GMT
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ALDA: New achievements and brilliant future perspectives for ALDA+

Almost at its second year of activity, ALDA +, the Benefit Corporation company within the umbrella of ALDA, is keeping its word and reaching a number of very important achievements and collaboration with local and international high profile companies.

The last months have been marked by two circumstances. Firstly, Sofia Corsi, project development officer at ALDA+, joined an exchange with Kristine Zonberga, director of “Civic Alliance – Latvia”.
The main goal of this Latvian association s to strengthen civil society in Latvia by providing support to common interests of NGOs and creating a favourable environment for associations and foundations to function. During the two visits, respectively in Vicenza and in Riga, CAL and ALDA could examine common points and differences between the two organizations and discuss on present funding opportunities and so lay the groundwork for a long-lasting collaboration.
Towards the end of the month, on October 30th, Annegret Wulff, Managing director of “Mitost Foundation” visited our offices in Vicenza, to deepen our reciprocal knowledge and exchange best practices.
Mitost is a German Foundation, based in Berlin, that ALDA met the first time in 2017, when they funded a capacity building exchange programme, the Civil Society Exchange, which would bring together European and Turkish CSOs, and in which Sofia Corsi participated as representative of ALDA.
As Mitost and ALDA share a very similar mission and geographical focus, the objectives of this meeting were to explore potential cooperation paths between the two organizations, get to know different co-funding opportunities for ALDA, by drawing inspiration from Mitost’s funding structure.
Both Mitost and ALDA have been highly satisfied by the experience, which surely represents a milestone for a long-lasting collaboration.

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