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  • 18th April 2018 - 15:49 GMT

Britain’s Pro-European Grassroots Campaigns

Britain’s pro-European voice was dramatically strengthened last month when six groups campaigning to keep Britain’s ties with the European Union moved into offices together in Millbank Tower, a location already associated with some of the most impactful political campaigns of the last quarter century.

The groups – Open Britain, the European Movement, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier IN the EU and InFacts – have created what staff working there have playfully dubbed ‘Project GCHQ’, which is in reference to the work of the “Grassroots Co-ordinating Group” (GCG) which brings together these campaign organisations with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on European Relations.

Commenting on the move, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain said:

“The very name Millbank Tower conjures up memories of some of the most effective and revolutionary political campaigning of the last three decades. Our battle is as tough as that faced by parties excluded from office for 18 or 13 years. But we are every bit as determined to succeed in our task. Project GCHQ is not the first step in that journey, but it is the biggest so far.”

James MacCleary, Campaign Director of European Movement UK said:

“The European Movement is here for the long haul – we were founded nearly 70 years ago with Winston Churchill as our first Honorary President. We have built a national network of local campaign groups who agree with us that the UK’s place is at the heart of the EU. The Brexit deal must be put to a public vote with the option to reject it and stay in the EU. That is why we are proud to be part of the Grassroots Co-ordinating Group, bringing likeminded pro-EU organisations together.”

Read the original report by European Movement UK here.

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