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Participative democracy and civil dialogue

Call for JEF Europe Ambassador to the Structure Dialogue

The SD is a process of consultations and discussions between young people and European decision-makers in order to ensure that the interests and needs of young people shape the policies of the EU. After working on youth empowerment and social inclusion of young people, the topic of the next SD cycle​ (July 2017 – December 2019) will be “Youth in Europe: what’s next?”.

JEF ambassadors play a triple role. First, they help develop JEF policy. The JEF SD ambassador will work with JEF’s Political Commission on Internal European Policy to develop our position regarding the EU Youth Strategy. Second, they represent JEF’s positions on relevant platforms. The JEF SD ambassador will represent our position in the European Working Group as well as on two of the European Youth Conferences (either in Estonia, Austria or Bulgaria). These conferences usually last from Wednesday to Friday. Third, they involve JEF in the work they do. The JEF SD ambassador will organise discussions in JEF about developments in EU youth policy and the SD via social media, the JEF-info newsletter, via blog posts or via articles on TNF. He or she will co-operate with the other JEF ambassadors and, if possible, co-operate with other NGOs to organise SD events. Your position will involve a lot of interaction with the rest of the network and with the secretariat of JEF Europe.

Skills you need; Skills you’ll gain
Ideally, you are familiar with the youth policy environment and its stakeholders (DG EAC, CULT Committee, other youth organisations in Europe); you have a strong knowledge of JEF’s positions on youth issues and you are able to integrate them in different policy discussions. You’ll be rewarded by an amazing experience at the heart of EU policy-making for youth, in a crucial moment with the fight for a strong Erasmus+ programme beginning now. You’ll have the chance to meet with like-minded young people and broaden your horizon by meeting people from other youth NGOs. You’ll surely develop your advocacy, lobbying and communication skills. And of course, most importantly, you’ll have a direct say on the Future of Europe!

Candidates are asked to complete​ ​this form​ before ​August 4, 2017​. Please contact​ ​Leonie Martin​ if you have any further questions​ about this call. We are looking forward to receiving many applications.

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