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  • 19th November 2019 - 11:15 GMT

CEC: EU Pilot Training Program Report

On 5-7 November 2019, CEC European Managers conducted an EU pilot training for managers. The scheme was introduced to equip managers affiliated with CEC European Managers with expert-level knowledge about EU institutions, policy-making and advocacy techniques. During the 3-day programme, participating managers could experience and learn about decision-making mechanisms, the European social dialogue, manager representation and EU policies in the domains of employment and social affairs, climate policies and lifelong learning policies. For CEC European Managers, it was an occasion to learn from managers’ experience on the ground.

A total of 9 managers from different backgrounds and sectors participated in the pilot scheme together with Ebba Öhlund and Maxime Legrand from CEC’s Excecutive Committee and CEC staff. The group consisted of managers from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia and Serbia. The professional and individual diversity of the participants reflected well the general managerial population of 13,6 million in the EU alone.

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