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  • 3rd September 2019 - 15:10 GMT

CEC European Managers: Launch of #ManagersForFuture Campaign

CEC European Managers have launched a new campaign this week, #ManagersForFuture, which discusses and raises awareness on how managers and leaders can contribute to a more sustainable world.

While it is clear that the world has become better at creating sustainable impacts for the environment, society and a lasting economic system, the question of “how” to achieve it is too often left aside. The campaign therefore asks how management skills, business structures and processes must change to achieve material changes – the “what” – for the people and the planet.

Managers need to be equipped with the right skills in the domain of sustainability. Today’s business education, company structures and management practices are however not fit for purpose by delivering insufficiently sustainable impacts. A whole new set of leadership skills is required for a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and learning to learn will become increasingly important to make sense of a rapidly changing environment. Without awareness on systemic relationships and an understanding of the own role as change agent, corporate action towards more sustainable thinking and practices is doomed to fail. Rather than solely controlling and planning, managers will increasingly be asked to align purpose, action and personal creativity. By benefiting from meaningful work and taking ownership over the development of a sustainable business model, employees are likely to see their work performance, satisfaction and health increase.

Against that background, the #ManagersForFuture campaign will raise awareness on the role management plays in shaping the sustainability transition. At the same time, it will spark debate on the purpose and vision of the managerial profession. Only by deliberating on a clear vision and purpose, can sustainable and concrete best practices be identified to the benefit of people and the planet. The time for action has come. #BeFuture and join the movement.

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