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  • 28th February 2019 - 16:44 GMT

CEMR: Cohesion Policy tool

It is called Cohesion Policy: it is the main investment, solidarity and development tool of the EU for its cities and regions. It gives a face to Europe on the ground. Still, many erroneously believe it only invests in disadvantaged regions, while more privileged areas are just losing money they send to the EU.

With its €346.5 billion over 2014-2020, EU Cohesion Policy brings added value everywhere. It invests in your street, your children’s school, the local business. Yet, only a third of Europeans are aware of projects funded by Cohesion Policy in their city or region.

To curb this lack of awareness, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), the European Commission’s DG Regio, together with local government associations and other partners, have engaged in 60 dialogues with citizens in 8 Member States.

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