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  • 9th October 2008 - 15:15 GMT

Center for Turkey in Europe – TR Plus

A new organisation called TR PLUS is born. The Centre for Turkey in Europe was established in 2006 and is chaired by a well known Turkish journalist and writer, Zeynep Göğüş. It is an independent non-profit policy network based in Brussels and dedicated to the integration of Turkey in Europe.
Their mission is to engage politicians, business people, writers and others in constructive debate about Turkey’s future role in Europe. They combine an analytical approach to the issues raised by Turkey’s accession negotiations with a celebration of the intellectual and aesthetic creativity that this partnership can unleash. More information about the organisation, its objectives, its members and their status can be found on their website
TR Plus goals are:
a- to promote the values of the European Union in Turkey, the rapprochement of Turkey to the European Union and the promotion of Turkey in the countries of the European Union and internationally;
b- to promote European values in general;
c- to provide a forum for individuals and institutions for the purpose of bringing Turkey closer to and integrating Turkey into the European Union;
d- to increase the availability of information about Turkey and the European Union in both areas ;
e- to exchange and share ideas about European international and national policies;
f- to coordinate and organise activities in relation to different European, international and national institutions;
g- to organise or assist in the organisation of seminars, conferences, debates and other types of meeting in relation to the presentation and dissemination of European values, in Belgium, Turkey, or any other country;
h- to participate in European Union projects in accordance with the aims of the Association ; or to coordinate such projects;
i- to organise courses, workshops and other learning activities related to the themes and values that underlie its objectives;
j- to use any available means of communication in order to spread awareness of European values in Turkey and knowledge about Turkey at international level;
k- to publish brochures, reviews, magazines and other material, including on the Internet, relevant to the aims and objectives of the Association;
l- to plan, organise or assist in the organisation of cultural, commercial, artistic or other types of exhibition relevant to the objectives of the Association and in particular to the strengthening the links between Turkey and the countries of the European Union ;
m- to organise study travel projects ;
n- to organise lectures and conferences;
o- to have recourse to sponsorship;
p- and more generally to make use of any means that is in accordance with the aims of the Association.

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