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CfA: Online Master in EU Studies – EU Expertise for Professionals

The Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE,, in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne grant professionals the opportunity to deepen and expand their knowledge of the EU integration process, while pursuing their careers, combining e-learning and intense face-to-face learning sessions (mainly during weekends in Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Rome and Budapest). CIFE is supported by the European Union.

The Master in EU Studies Online, a two year programme, offers the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge of the EU. Participants will gain a working knowledge of recent developments in the European integration process. They will also gain the skills to negotiate within an international context, to draft reports, to plan and manage international projects, and to present their ideas in a transnational legal dimension.

To specialise in a core subject (Political Science, Economics and EU law), participants may continue with a second year of the Master programme. The general approach, during the second year, to understand issues and task is interdisciplinary. Once a participant has submitted and defended his/her Master thesis, they will receive a Master in EU Studies Online and a degree qualification “Policy Officer in European and international Organisations”. This qualification is recognised in France as a Master level degree (level 7 EQF).

Deadline for the online application is the 5th of September 2015. A limited number of scholarships are awarded to eligible candidates to cover part of their tuition. The Selection Committee meets regularly in order to examine incoming applications.

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