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  • 14th June 2018 - 09:00 GMT

Dutch Prime Minister: “EU makes us stronger and more effective”

Dutch liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte addressed the European Parliament plenary on Wednesday to talk about the most pressing issues ahead of the next European Council meeting, focusing on the migration crisis, reforming the Eurozone and delivering a fair and proportional budget that serves the interests of all Member States.

Speaking on the benefits of the European Union, Rutte stated that “the mere fact that we work together, that we’re embedded in this Union, it makes us stronger, safer and more effective.” On the future of the EU, Rutte explained that “if you want to determine your own future we have to stand united…. Unity defines our ability to act.”

During the plenary debate, Guy Verhofstadt, Leader of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament expressed the opinion that the changing world needs a new Europe: “The new world order, the new challenges such as climate change, calls for a new Europe, a more united Europe, a stronger Europe, a Europe also with the necessary tools and money”.

To read the original article in full and to watch Rutte’s full speech, click here.

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