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EAEA presents a proposal on key competences for lifelong learning

“EAEA calls on the European institutions and especially the European Commission to recognise the importance of the continuous development of key competences for adults and therefore integrate general adult education in the framework,” writes EAEA in it’s response to the European Commission’s consultation on key competences.

The European Commission has published a public consultation with a view to updating the 2006 Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. This review will seek to determine which skills and competences young people need to acquire to succeed in the job market and in life, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship education.

In it’s response, EAEA hihglights that besides during one’s youth, key competences can be fostered throughout the life.

“Adult education is therefore a key actor for people to strengthen, explore and update their key competences – from language to technological and digital courses, personal development, arts and creativity,” the proposal suggests.

EAEA has consulted its members and proposes concrete updates to the key competences framework.

The European Commission’s consultation is open until 19 of May and is open for all to participate.

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Read EAEA’s full response;
Take part in the consultation;
The results of the consultation will be published here.

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