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  • 17th July 2019 - 13:47 GMT

EM Croatia: The road to the euro will last for several years

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said at a session of the Government that the political and economic bases of the introduction of the euro have been well prepared and that the road to its introduction will last for several years.

He recalled that this week at the Eurogroup meeting was welcomed a letter of intent from the Government and the Croatian National Bank for Croatia’s entry into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, which, as he said, worked quite long, analytically and carefully.

“We have prepared every detail, six areas, 19 measures that the responsible bodies will fill in the year ahead. These are very realistic targets set to be realized and this obligation has been taken over by all the ministers concerned, as well as part of the obligations of the Croatian National Bank, “said Plenković.

“Since we have prepared this diplomatically and politically very well (…) this news has been rewarded because it is in the pursuit of our policy of implementing a strategy for the introduction of the euro,” said Plenković.

He added that activities on the introduction of the euro will last for the next few years and that everything will continue to be thoroughly prepared in the interest of the Croatian economy and citizens.

He also noted the latest GDP growth forecasts of the European Commission, saying it is a confirmation that the government continues with good achievements. In this context mentioned the exit from the excessive budget deficit procedure, the absence of excessive macroeconomic imbalances as well as the return of investment grade to credit level and the reduction of public debt.

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