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  • 19th June 2019 - 14:07 GMT

EM Denmark : Margrethe Vestager is European of the Year 2019!

On Thursday 13 June, the European Movement elected the EU’s Danish Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, for the Europeans of the Year 2019! This happened to a reception at the Folkemødet on Bornholm, where the President of the European Movement Stine Bosse spoke.

Stine Bosses talk to Margrethe Vestager – European Year of the Year 2019:

“It is not often that we in Denmark can design stars that not only light up in our own lovely country, but throughout Europe – indeed in most of the world. But you can!

Margrethe. We have known each other for a number of years. We first met when I gave you a lift home from an event in town. Not long after you and your party, the Radicals, had suffered a significant defeat. And I remember how you spoke honestly, reflected, and without blaming others for this. And of course you took your responsibility on you and wanted to change the result.

I remember thinking about WAUW. It really is a politician with great insight, a good heart and with all the courage that is needed.

From Minister to Commissioner.

Later we saw you in government. A hard time. For people in Denmark – yes all over the world, hit by financial crisis and debt crisis. You and Helle really took one for the team, and yes we don’t often hear about it. It is as if we must not say it, but it was you who laid the groundwork for the space that exists today in Denmark and which we must hope will be managed responsibly now.

But you were and are on. Further to a demanding job as Commissioner in the European Union. For the competition area. When it was announced, there were probably not many who believed that with that responsibility you would get particularly great attention, let alone influence. But this is not the case when dealing with a person like you.”

You may read the end of the speech here.

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