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  • 9th January 2020 - 13:56 GMT

EM Estonia: “Estonian European of the Year” Award

The European Movement awarded Professor Andres Metspalu with the “Estonian European of the Year” Award in a ceremony held in Tallinn on 19 December 2019. The award ceremony was organised in cooperation with the Estonian Government Office and the European Commission Representation in Estonia. The award was handed over by European Commissioner Kadri Simson of Estonia.

The awarded has been organised by the European Movement for years, to celebrate the role Estonians play in promoting the European ideals.

In the past figures from politics, culture and civil society have been recognised for their contributions.

This year the awarded is given to a renowned Estonian scientist for his work in Estonian and European academia.

Professor Andres Metspalu said “It is a particular honour to receive this award. As a man of science I have always strived to promote knowledge and understanding of the questions humanity is confronted with. The openness and intellectual freedom needed for science to flourish is underpinned by the ideals the European projects represents. The last 15 years in the EU have been incomparably fruitful for the Estonian science and I’m very happy for being able to contribute in many ways up the present day!”

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General of the European Movement International, said “The European Union is much more than a group of nation-states or an arena for politicians. It is the aspiration of European across our continent who wish to live in a peaceful, democratic, prosperous, egalitarian society, where nations and people co-exist in harmony and pursue their shared interest in tandem. The goal of the European Movement is to showcase the role citizens play in the construction of Europe and empower them to make their contribution in the promotion of European values.”

Keit Kasemets, Head of the European Commission Representation to Estonia recognised the European Movement International for the initiative by saying that “the European project can’t survive without strong support of the citizens and vigilant civil society that plays active role in highlighting great Estonians who are contributing to the European project. Professor Metspalu is without doubt one of them.”

A shortlist of candidates was selected by a 10-member jury, from politics, social partners and NGOs. The Jury voted for the 3 top candidates (Ivo Linna, Maiu Lauring, Professor Andres Metspalu), who were put to a public vote on the European Movement Estonia website. The winner was the candidate who received the most votes in the on-line poll.

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