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  • 17th April 2019 - 11:40 GMT

EM Finland: European choice – a story about what kind of Europe we want

Henri Aaltonen is giving his insights about European choices we will face and get to choose in order to determine what kind of Europe we want.

Europe and the EU are in a transition. Fracture appears to be dissatisfied with the social, political or economic state of society. Europe is challenged both from the West (USA) and from the East (Russia and China) and from the South (Africa). All of these directions are under pressure and, as it is a global pressure, it is known in many ways in Europe and in the EU.

It is now up to the EU and Europe to decide how to respond to global challenges and the various pressures and, at the same time, to develop ways to continue the dialogue between the various actors, so that the common good grows and the globalized economy and politics work together to make a solution for the whole world. 

Europe can do the world, but it must find unity both inside and out, so that Europe and the EU have enough weight to get their message across in global markets and politics. Unity does not mean that the EU is united without a lively debate and a rigorous exchange of ideas. Consistency can only come in a sustainable way,

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