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  • 5th June 2019 - 11:28 GMT

EM France: European elections: a victory for the pro-European French

The European Movement – France welcomes the results of the European elections, which recorded the highest turnout in their country and Europe in the last 20 years and placed pro-European parties at the top, both at EU level and in France.

Traditionally, European elections have had a high abstention rate. However, the French have shown their attachment to the European Union and their willingness to continue the European construction by mobilising strongly in spring 2019, since the participation rate reached 52% in the country, which EM France is delighted about.

However, they note that the European elections have been largely nationalised. Both in the campaign calendar and in its content, the European elections were dominated by domestic issues, largely eclipsing the European dimension of the debate. More than ever, we need such a debate in view of the list of challenges that Europeans face together, which has never been so impressive.

The arrival at the top of the National Rally seems regrettable to them, even though it notes that it has abandoned its plans to leave the EU and the euro zone, which are clearly rejected by the French, as confirmed by the particularly low scores of the parties that remain in favour of a “Frexit”.

The sum of the scores of the pro-European parties leads to a large majority of the votes cast. This victory of the pro-European parties testifies to one thing: the French citizens are resolutely European and they have elected representatives in their image. Representatives who, each in their own way and according to their own sensitivity, will act to build, transform and strengthen the European Union. Representatives who love Europe and choose a project for its future.

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