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  • 4th December 2019 - 14:27 GMT

EM Germany: A Vision for the Europe of 2049

How EM Germany celebrated its 70th anniversary

This year European Movement Germany turned 70. Rather than looking back EM Germany took this as a cause for a look into the future. More precisely, it invited its youth organizations to reflect on which Europe they would wish to encounter when celebrating EM Germany’s 100th anniversary in 2049.

The young representatives spent two months negotiating and drafting what would become an eight-page-long catalogue of demands. Under the nine topic headings, the document treated subjects like democracy, migration, social welfare, mobility and youth involvement. Instead of plainly complaining about the status quo, the authors proposed concrete solutions and how they will have been implemented by 2049.

On 26 November the document was then handed over to the federal government of Germany. On this occasion, the young authors discussed the importance of their vision for Europe and what hurdles are yet to be overcome for these goals to be attained, together with the heads of some of the most important civil society organizations in Germany. Over 120 people attended the event at ‘Europa Haus’, the EU Commission and Parliament’s representation in the heart of Berlin. Yet, this success is not to be the end of the project. EM Germany’s member associations are hoped to consider the demands and aid in their realization.

More information on the document may be found here (in German).

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