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Participative democracy and civil dialogue

EM Germany: General Assembly to discuss Political Agenda 2016/17

How do you get 250 heterogeneous organisations behind one political agenda? Through a consultation process started in January, EM Germany has managed to build a basic consensus between the pro-European German civil society actors on the question of how Europe should move forward. EM Germany’s Board will present the final draft of the 2016/2017 Political Agenda to be voted on at the EM Germany Federal Assembly on 27 June.

The motion, submitted by the board of EM Germany, includes twelve demands on the future of European integration and EU politics in Germany. It supports, among others, the creation of a European Army, and demands Better Regulation at the EU level without the excessive use of trilogues and a European Asylum policy worthy of its name.

The demands were created with the active participation of about 30 member organisations – ranging from small NGOs to large trade unions.

Draft Political Agenda 2016/17:

Full text (in German):

Full document (in German):

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