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  • 10th January 2019 - 14:58 GMT

EM Germany: Interview in “Brandenburg Aktuell”

After the turn of the year, preparations for the European elections are entering a hot phase: not only the parties, but also the media, are taking a stand. On 3 January 2019, the RBB programme “Brandenburg aktuell” focused on the EU and the European elections and invited EBD President Dr. Linn Selle to the studio as interview partner.

The focus began with a report from the Brandenburg town of Wahlsdorf, in which numerous projects with EU funds were realised, e.g. accommodation, streets, a village shop and an outdoor swimming pool. Afterwards moderator Tatjana Jury studio guest Linn Selle asked why despite these concrete projects many citizens still perceive the EU as “far away”. Selle pointed out that political and media discourses would often focus on the divisive rather than the unifying in relation to the European community. The mood in society since the Brexit referendum has clearly been pro-European, but in the political and media spheres the corresponding forward-looking debates are lacking.

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