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EM Germany March Newsletter

EU10x10 – EM Germany brings “Europe’s enlarged horizon” to Berlin
“We have united for the better”, EM Germany Vice President Prof. Dr. Michaele Schreyer said in her welcome speech at the jubilee conference “Europe’s enlarged horizon”. On 3 June, EM Germany’s and ten embassies’ guests were hosted by Allianz Kulturstiftung to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the EU accession of Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. In close proximity to the Brandenburg Gate, 200 participants could literally feel that overcoming borders is a good thing. Keynote speakers were Dr. Norbert Lammert, President of the German Bundestag, Richard Kühnel, the new head of European Commission Representation in Germany and Minister of State Michael Roth MP. | Full text in German

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EMI: Success of anti-European parties must be a wake-up call to defend European project
The European Movement International is deeply concerned about the rise of far-right and anti-European parties following a low voter turnout in the European elections. The low turnout shows that the campaigns of the mainstream parties were not successful in engaging the citizens in European politics. “Instead of just focusing on the EU some weeks ahead of the European elections, there must be a constant discussion in the Member States about European issues and the alternatives offered by the different parties of the political spectrum,” EMI President Jo Leinen states. | Full text in German

Italy back on pro-European track: ‘EBD Exklusiv’ welcomes Secretary of State for Europe, Sandro Gozi
„We need a new, a better Europe“, said Sandro Gozi, Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs at an informal EBD Exklusiv background discussion with about 25 participants. Gozi is also the Vice President of EM Italy (CIME), so it was only natural for him to stress that Germany and Italy are standing on common federal pro-European grounds. | Full text in German

Berlin Election Night with 500 guests – ‘1000 reasons’ campaign makes media curious
This May, more than 375 million EU citizens were called upon to decide their vision for the future of Europe. In order to raise awareness and to promote greater participation in the elections to the European Parliament the European Movement organised a pro-European campaign and brought together more than 250 “reasons to vote for Europe” through quotes and images collected from across the continent.
The campaign also made the media curious: EM Germany’s deputy general secretary Karoline Münz explained in several interviews how the campaign has been working and why it has been so successful. | Full text in German
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EM Germany board members contribute to EP election debates on online magazine
„This time it’s different“: The slogan proves true for the EP elections. For the first time voters were promised influence on who’ll lead the European Commission. But how legitimiate is the EP? A few days before the election, EMG board member Daniel Sahl sorted things out in his essay on “The European” debate magazine. He was not the only EMG board member contributing to during the campaign – Christian Moos und Reinhold Rickes also did. | Full Text in German

Need to foster solidarity in Europe: First #StiD dialogue with Minister of State Michael Roth MP
The first ‘Minister of State in dialogue’ event of this year was launched on 22 May and coincided with the opening of the polling places in the UK and the Netherlands for the Elections to the European Parliament. Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe and member of the German Parliament, has been faced with questions on the European policy challenges for the period after the elections by participants and via twitter. For his term, he has a clear goal in mind: foster solidarity in Europe. By the way: He’s the first Minister of State in Germany’s Foreign Office who twitters in person (@MiRo_SPD). | Full text in German

European education at the highest level: De-Briefing on Education, Youth, Culture and Sport
Many topics, many participating ministries, many common challenges: The Council on Education, Youth, Culture and Sport was held on 20 and 21 May in Brussels and offered numerous impulses for a vivid De-Briefing: the topics included effective teacher training and transnational education, the cultural heritage of Europe, and the possible consequences of TTIP on the cultural sector.
| Full text in German

TTIP: fears of the unknown
Negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a trade agreement between the EU and the US, began in July last year. 2014 may see the trade talks being brought to a conclusion. However, to many, the negotiation process seems opaque, excluding social partners.  This leads to fears about the TTIP’s impact on important issues such as SMEs and on workers’ rights. A series of discussions has started this spring. The last one being moderated by EMG General Secretary Bernd Hüttemann was organized by EMI member UNITEE in Brussels. | Full text in English

Serbia’s way to EU leads via civil society: Chief negotiator Mišcevics meets EM Germany’s VP Axel Schäfer
On a visit to Berlin, an appointment with EM Germany is natural for Tanja Mišcevics, Vice President of EM Serbia and chief negotiator for her country’s EU accession. Are people and politics in Germany backing Serbia’s EU intentions? That was the key question when she met EM Germany’s Vice President Axel Schäfer MP. | Full text in German

In an interview with Radio station WDR Osteuropa Radio which is broadcasting in Serbo-Croatian, EMG General Secretary Bernd Hüttemann also had a look at the situation before the European elections. | Full text in German and link to the podcast

Who will lead the EU Commission? Divided opinions in recent “EU Trends“ poll by EMG and EurActive
As usual in spring, EM Germany and their media partner EurActive started their annual survey „EU Trends“ – this time with a natural stress on EP elections. More than half of the participants are convinced that one of the top candidates in EP elections will be suggested as EU Commission president. 27 % considered this unlikely. | Full text in German

61. European Competition – 84,000 school kids hand in their creative works on Europe
While Europe was afraid of decreasing turn out at EP elections, Germany’s oldes pupil competition registered the highest participation in the last five years. This year’s motto “How do we want to live in Europe?” had 84,000 pupils tackle a broad variety of European topics in their contributions. | Full text in German

Events to come
06.06.: Meeting of the Board of EM Germany | 10.06.: EBD De-Briefing Justice and Home Affairs Council | 18.06.: EBD De-Briefing Agriculture and Fisheries Council | 18.06.: EBD De-Briefing Environment Council | 30.06.: De-Briefing on European Council | 30.06.: EM Germany General Assembly | 02./03.07.: Career Days College of Europe | 02.07.: College of Europe Alumni Stammtisch |04.07.: Briefing on the Italian EU Council Presidency

Member Organisations’ News
DSGV: Cheap interest rates destabilize financial markets | cep: analysis on energy prices and energy costs | German Medical Council: Make TTIP negotiations more transparent | ECFR: Political earthquake in Europe | FES: Victory for the European Parliament |
Joint declaration on European Elections by BDA, BDI, CEOE, Confindustria, Lewiatan and MEDEF | German Farmers‘ Association: rural areas and agriculture need European politics | BDEW: Energy politics need more Europe | and much more

EU protagonists on the move
New Chair of the German Trade Union Federation: Reiner Hoffmann | New President of Hanns-Seidel Foundation: Ursula Männle | New Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Director: Michael Link | New German Ambassador to the United Kingdom: Peter Ammon | New Co-Chairs of the Turkish Commnity in Germany (TGD): Safter Çinar and Gökay Sofuoglu | and many more

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