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  • 10th July 2019 - 11:25 GMT

EM Netherlands: Integrating ‘Europe’ into the curriculum for all pupils

On 30 June 2019, the European Movement in the Netherlands gave its advice to lays the foundation for the updating of the curriculum of all pupils in primary and secondary education. What should pupils know and be able to do? From the beginning of 2018, 130 teachers and 18 school leaders will be working in teams to answer this question. This process will continue until the spring of 2019, after which the proceeds will be shared with the minister for primary and secondary education in the autumn of 2019. The minister will then share the proceeds with the Lower House for further decision-making and to determine a follow-up process.

The EBN advisory report concerns the subjects Citizenship and People & Society.

Summary of the EBN advisory report:

In summary, the advice of the European Movement Netherlands is to achieve a systematic knowledge development about today’s Europe in the education curriculum of primary school. The aim of education is to make young people resilient for the future. This includes Europe. Everyday life is no longer conceivable without the European Union. European decision-making, cooperation and integration have a direct impact on the lives and work of our citizens. Awareness will have to be raised about this. The EM Netherlands is of the opinion that regular education should keep pace with this reality.

We completed our advice after a recent round-table discussion with a number of civil society organisations that have been active for many years in providing information to schools, teachers and teachers. The EM Netherlands has made an inventory of the education and information programmes of these organisations, which you can find on their website. Several of these organisations have also made concrete proposals in the context of the revision of the Education curriculum.

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