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  • 22nd October 2019 - 14:21 GMT

EM Norway: Annual meeting results

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October, the European Movement held its 58th ordinary national meeting at the Thon Conference University Street in Oslo.

At the national meeting, leader Heidi Nordby Lunde and deputy chairman Irene Johansen were re-elected. Joining them on the team were Ida Hjeltnes (re-elected), Torbjørn Wilhelmsen (re-elected), Hanna Marcussen (new), Aase Marthe Horrigmo (new) and Bjørn Tore Ødegården (new). In addition, Morten Skandfer and Øyvind Strømmen were elected as deputy members.

It also adopted a new program for 2019-2021, and the European Movement’s 2017- 2019 report was approved.

During the national meeting, Stein Inge Jørgensen was awarded the European Mediator Prize 2019 for his contribution to increasing understanding of the importance of EU and European cooperation for Norway. Sten Inge Jørgen is a writer and journalist in Morgenbladet.

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