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  • 30th June 2016 - 17:05 GMT
EU Enlargement

EM Serbia: Serbia not to give up on the EU, EU not to give up on Serbia

The decision to leave the European Union reached at the UK referendum brings new challenges before the EU, but also for the process of enlargement to the Western Balkans, warns the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS).

The desire to leave the EU is a complete novelty in the decades-long process of integration in Europe, which provided peace and prosperity for the member states, but also for the countries in the accession process. The dissatisfaction of many Europeans with the solutions, or rather the absence of effective common solutions, which culminated with referendum vote in the UK, should not be taken lightly.

It is the right moment and more alarming than ever, to show once more why the close cooperation between European nations and states has no better alternative than the EU. That is why there is a need for common, harmonized and effective reforms at the Union level, for the EU history has already shown a remarkable ability for adaptation and overcoming challenges.

European unity should primarily be demonstrated in the fight against populism, nationalism and xenophobia, which undermine the fundamental values of the EU. However, this unity should be practiced with solutions that will restore faith in the project of the European Union among the Europeans, whether members of the EU or from the Western Balkans.

EMinS recalls that the United Kingdom has for many years been “the unwilling member” of the EU and its situation cannot be compared with the one in Serbia. In aspects of geography, economy and institutional development – the United Kingdom and the Republic of Serbia are incomparable, and the voices in Serbia that refer to the British referendum to call for the end of the process of European integration, are calling for simple destruction.

European Movement in Serbia firmly believes that all the goals of Serbia’s membership in the EU are still present – primarily the enactment of European values and standards in practice and ensuring the preservation of peace and prosperity in Europe. Serbia has to support European unity primarily for the sake of its own prosperity and lead by example the support to the European project.

On the other hand, while in the process of internal consolidation and credibility restoring, the EU must not forget Serbia and its ambition to join the EU family through substantial reform and design of better political, economic and social environment.

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